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Welcome to the Palisades / Brentwood Chapter Of NLYM, Inc.!

Mission Statement

National League of Young Men (NLYM) is a non-profit organization for young men in grades 9-12;

this structured program for mothers and their sons promotes the development of young me

into community leaders through leadership involvement, charitable and community service,

cultural experiences and protocol education. 

The Palisades Chapter was formed in 2016.

 If you are interested in membership for the 
2019-2020 school year please email 
Tina Kenefick  VP of Membership

YM Class 2019
Jesse Poller spoke to the Class of 2019 about mindfulness, meditation, goal setting, and exercise.  He told us about his life and that he was sick as a young man and turned to exercise and healthy eating to help him recover. He explained the importance of exercise and a healthy diet.  His exercise routine focused on three exercises: bench presses, squats and deadlifts.  He encouraged us to eat healthy   He also explained how meditation is important to keep our minds healthy.  During his time in the military, he was at his peak fitness level and could do 120 pushups.  He challenged us to see how many pushups each of us could do.  He watched to ensure that our pushups were “military grade” which means straight back, neck up, elbows parallel and touching body and he made sure each pushup went low enough.  Most of our group did 25-35 pushups.  Piers Carmichael completed the most of our group with 62 pushups and received a gold coin for his outstanding effort. 

Jesse also taught us about fire safety. He explained that it is best to use the entire fire extinguisher because they can only be used once.  He taught us that if we are trapped in a fire, we should stay low to the ground to avoid the smoke. He also taught us not to put water on our clothes or body because the water vapor will boil and burn.  Use wet towels on the doors to help buy extra time. Breathe through a shirt or other cloth to avoid inhaling smoke particles.  He also told us about work opportunities at local fire stations.  

The information that he gave us was particularly valuable as we are all moving on to college next year and with the skills of mindfulness and staying healthy we will have a much more productive college experience. 

YM Class 2020

Members and mothers partnered with Heal the Bay to participate in an all-league beach clean-up on Sunday, Feb. 10. The three-hour event, held at the Bel Air Bay Club, was attended by over 25 boys from grades 9-12.
Members arrived at 9 A.M. for bagels and refreshments before breaking off into groups to sweep the waterfront. A brief instructional meeting, led by Heal the Bay representative Danielle Furuichi, was given to the boys before they began.
Heal the Bay, an environmental nonprofit, has spent the last eight years dedicated towards preserving the coastal waters of Los Angeles. The program encourages volunteers to rid the beaches of plastic, rubber, and trash in order to prevent animal and human harm in the oceans.
The boys spent two hours picking up plastic, styrofoam, and cans from the sand, tracking the amount of each material collected. At 11:15 A.M, a make-up meeting was held and a second wave of clean-up began.
At noon, the boys and their mothers gathered at the club for more food and refreshments. In the end, the boys collected over ten full bags of trash, marking another successful league event.

YM Class 2021

Fifteen members of the Pacific Palisades/Brentwood National League of Young Men, Class of 2021, visited the Palisades 76 Station on Sunday, November 11, 2018 to learn the basics of car maintenance. 

Palisades 76 Station owner Mr. Robert Munakesh, father of Class of ‘21 member Oliver Munakesh, was raised in the gas station business.  His father who also owned gas stations.  Mr. Munakesh bought his first 76 gas station in the Palisades in 1995 and purchased his second in 2008 on the corner of Via de la Paz and Sunset.

Mr Munakesh and his friend taught the NLYM members, mostly 15 to 16 years old and new drivers, the importance of tire pressure, changing a tire and how to jump start your car safely if your battery dies.  He also taught us how to:

·      Test the condition of the wiper blades and properly squeegee car windows 

·      Check tire air pressure and tread depth, as well as signs of tire wear

·      Check the fluid levels–such as oil, brake, windshield wiper, coolant and transmission–and how top them off

·      Put on a spare tire

·      Test a battery

·      Fill a car with gas, and how to know what side the tank is on before parking

The afternoon was a fun and informative outing.


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